Nayyar Award for Excellence in Communication

First prize Rs. 50,000/-, second prize Rs. 30,000/- and third prize Rs. 20,000/-. There is a provision of a special prize of Rs. 11,000/- for a girl student, if there is no girl in the top three.


Smt Lilawati Nayyar Golden Jubilee Scholarship

One prize of Rs. 5000/-

Eligibility and Process

  1. Awarded to 3rd/4th/5th year students of UG/IDD courses and all PG courses are eligible who have excellent communication skills (Nayyar Award for Excellence in Communication).
  2. Awarded to the undergraduate post-graduate students in any year and in any branch of engineering on communication skills & merit basis. (Smt. Lilawati Nayyar Golden Jubilee Scholarship).


The last date of receiving a nomination for the Award is on 16th March 2021