Under Free Messing scheme, a student can avail free messing (only basic menu) facility and a pocket allowance of Rs. 250/- per month. Such students are also exempted from payment of hostel room rent. In case a student does not seek free messing, he/she gets a pocket allowance of Rs. 1,000/- per month.

Free Messing scheme is available only for the normal duration of the programme. For dual degree programmes, it is available only up to the 4th year.


To avail Free Messing scheme, a student is expected to fulfil the following conditions:

  • Applicant belongs to SC OR ST category.
  • Applicant is a student of B.Tech., B.Arch., Integrated Dual Degree (IDD), Integrated Master of Technology (IMT), Integrated Master of Science (IMS), and BS-MS programmes admitted through JEE (Advanced) OR M.Sc. programmes admitted through JAM.
  • Gross Income of parents (Father and Mother or Guardian) during the previous financial year is not more than Rs. 5,00,000/-.


The following procedure will be adopted to select the students for Free Messing scheme:

  • SCSP office will invite the application from the students.
  • SCSP will verify the details and documents submitted of each applicant. Defective/incomplete applications will be kept on hold for correction from students’ side within a given duration. SCSP will also verify that the student is not awarded the similar scheme from some other source.
  • SCSP will notified the list of students eligible to avail Free Messing scheme.


To apply under Free Messing scheme, the following documents are mandatory to submit:

  1. Pan Cards of Father, Mother and Guardian (if applicable)
  2. Aadhar Cards of Father, Mother and Guardian (if applicable)
  3. Income Tax Return (ITR) Forms of Father, Mother and Guardian (if applicable) (previous financial year or current assessment year)
  4. Hostel Bonafide Certificate from Chief Warden of your bhawan.