The hit Nintendo Switch title, Arms came out last year and has managed to sell more than a million copies since it's launch.

So, this Arms Video Game Review is meant for you if you are considering buying the gaming title and want to know a bit more.

Arms is a fighting game with a difference and like all Nintendo Switch titles is completely age appropriate; even though it is a fighting game, it contains only modest amounts of violence, however, it may not be suitable for children.
So, in this Arms Video Game Review we'll talk about the following before we sum up our experience:
Arms Nintendo Switch Video Game

Arms Nintendo Switch Video Game

An image from the game Arms for the Nintendo Switch featuring the playable character Springman.

Game Design

Undoubtedly, one of the best parts of this Arms Video Game Review is talking about the gameplay design. The video-game like all Nintendo titles does not offer killer graphics or insane amounts of blood and gore.

However, it does provide a refreshing title which you can enjoy with your friends and family of all ages. It is set in a 3D environment and utilises an innovative movement & combat mechanics which makes the game fun to play.

Note: It also supports motion control, but it's difficult to play using motion control.

The combat centres around fighting using extendable arms (thus the name) with different characters having different arms and thus fighting abilities.

It does require patience and practice if you want to master the gameplay, though novices may also have fun, as is the case with any fighting game. So, the gameplay design is the best part of this title in our Arms Video Game Review.

The visuals, like all Nintendo Switch games, are not superb.

Neither are the visuals downright awful though. But, made for the portable console, Switch, the title does not really pack in the physical performance for better visuals. Also, on the smaller Switch screen, the visuals do not make that much difference anyway, I guess!

So, this Arms Video Game Review gives the ingame visuals 2 out of 5. But, since the title is made to be played on an essentially portable console, we don't really mind that the visuals are quite limited.
Online Gameplay
The online gameplay experience is what just inches this Arms Video Game Review to be an overall favourable review.

We usually don't review Nintendo Games, but when we do, we settle for nothing but the best.

The online play functionality supports a variety of game types and different match-ups for 4 players at a time.
The final word we have about the title is that it is a good game, but only a good Nintendo Switch game.

The title lacks the depth required for any die-hard gamer as well as the amount of violence and blood that we have now come to expect in most fighting games. Also, the ingame visuals are not up to the mark.
So, as a party game or for having fun with your friends randomly this title is ideal; but as a fighting game, it is ill-suited to satisfy.

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