Nayyar Award for Excellence in Communication

First prize Rs. 50,000/-, second prize Rs. 30,000/- and third prize Rs. 20,000/-. There is a provision of a special prize of Rs. 11,000/- for a girl student, if there is no girl in the top three.


Smt Lilawati Nayyar Golden Jubilee Scholarship

One prize of Rs. 5000/-

Eligibility and Process

  1. Awarded to 3rd/4th/5th year students of UG/IDD courses and all PG courses are eligible who have excellent communication skills (Nayyar Award for Excellence in Communication).
  2. Awarded to the undergraduate post graduate students in any year and in any branch of engineering on communication skills & merit basis. (Smt. Lilawati Nayyar Golden Jubilee Scholarship).